The best Christmas lights you can buy to light up your tree and housechristmas lights

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I say these lights are perfect for indoor use thanks to their cool physical temperature and warm light quality, and because you never tend to be r from an outlet inside, but for the record, they are perfectly safe for outdoor use in all sorts of weather conditions.

One of the worst things about Christmas lights is the ct that you have to plug them in every time you want them to light up and unplug them when you want them to go dark. That is, unless you have a timer. But even with a timer, you still need the lights to end up near an outlet, or at least be close enough to the outlet that an extension cord can connect the two. This necessary proximity to power happens to be the other worst thing, by the way. With theKooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lights with Remote and Timer, both of those situations are things of the past.

Awrite up about KooPower battery lights appreciated that their memory function will play the same mode the next time you turn on [the lights] so you do not have to reset [them] over again.

Holiday decorations bring feelings of warmth and cheer even in the darkest and coldest days of the year. Testing, setting up, and connecting Christmas lights can be anything but a joyful experience, though. TheKooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lightsare our top choice because they are controlled by a remote and powered by batteries, so there is no proximity to an outlet or handson access required.

Look, laser light projector holiday decorations arent for everyone, I get that. But lling off of ladders, finding that one burnt out bulb, and realizing you dont have a long enough extension cord to connect the light strands to the outlet? That stuff isnt for everyone, either. And besides, some people find a gently swirling, twinkling of red and green sparkles quite attractive.

The one major drawback to these lights is that theyre not suile for indoor use. They need access to the sun to power up and need it to be dark in order to power on. I mean, youcouldhang the solar panel out the window and put a blanket over the sensor as needed, but you probably shouldnt.

The KooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lights score a solid .star average on Amazon, with a customer named Monica saying that for use where there is no outlet… these [lights] worked perfectly. An owner named Jennifer said she loved how small but powerful they are.

Buy the ORA LED Solar Powered String Lights on Amazon for . originally .

As the ORA LED Solar Powered String Lights come in a foot strand there is also a footer available, you will be able to decorate a smaller tree or bush, an entire roofline, or to frame windows and/or doors with a single strand.

Why youll love them TheKooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lightsare battery powered and operated via remote control, so once theyre in place, you can look forward to weeks of effortless enjoyment.

Sure, LED bulbs are bright, energy efficient, cool to the touch, and last for years. But you have to admit, theres something so warm and comforting about classic incandescent bulb Christmas lights. Especially those overd bulbs known in the business as C bulbs.

The retro Good Tidings Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Light Set has a . out of fivestar average online, with one owner named Ali speaking for many when he says I love these lights! They were one of my vorites when I was young and have returned!

The ORA LED Solar Powered String Lights have a commendable .star average rating on Amazon. A user named Rebecca calls them perfect for a space with no outside outlets available. An owner named Micah called them a beautiful addition to the home.

ConsShort strand length, glow much warmer than LEDs

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Why youll love it Setting up theProteove Christmas Laser Light Projectortakes all of about five minutes, four of which involve getting it out of its packaging.

Silicon Valley could help the last people youd expect and Elon Musk has given million to a contest that will prove it

Buy the Proteove Christmas Laser Light Projector on Amazon for . and up

A beautifully decorated home is part of the wonder of the holiday season. Weve rounded up the best decorating essentials for your home to make it easier for you. You can also check out our full guide tothe best Christmas tree stands.

Then we have the remote control, which eliminates the need for ready access to the lights and for use of an external timer. With the remote, the lights can be programmed for an on/off cycle, set to twinkle, de in and out, do a chasing flash pattern, and more. The lights stay cool, thus are safe for use on an indoor tree, and are waterresistant, thus suile for outdoor hanging.

ProsAmazingly easy setup, remote control operation, multiple functions

TheGood Tidings Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Light Setcomes with big, ful bulbs that shine with a light both bright and soft at once. They will light up your Christmas tree, they look great framing a window or doorway, and theyre hard to beat when strung across the roofline of the home, especially when a blanket of snow rests around them.

The projector creates thousands of tiny dots of light, which can be set to green, red, or green and red. The lights cover up to , square feet of suce when the unit is set up feet away, and the projector can be controlled by a remote that is reliable within feet.

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The best Christmas lights you can buy to light up your tree and house

You can also, by the way, set the ed dots to slowly swirl about, or you can add decorative features like little Christmas tree, snowflake, or bell icons. Your call on that…

The lights are solar powered, requiring no proximity to an outlet, no battery swaps, and no programming with a timer or control using a remote.

Once you have theORA LED Solar Powered String Lightswhere you want them whether they adorn the peaks of your roof, they wrap about a tree, or they frame windows or doors you dont have to think about these lights again until its time to put them away after the holidays. That is, except when you admire them or get compliments from others.

To that end, this year Ive worked to assemble a buying guide filled primarily with holiday lights that not only look great, but that also make your life easier.

With all those hours spent decorating the home come a ir share of frustrations, though, from the nightly task of plugging the strands in because you cant find a timer to the cord thats too short to reach the outlet and the yearly search for the one burned out bulb, to the pleasure of your ladder lling away from the roof, leaving you deciding between risking a jump or calling your wife to ask her to come help you out of a less than impressive situation.

You want my opinion? Aim the projector up into the trees for a truly dazzling effect, and stick with traditional lights on the house. Those two approaches together make for one fine holiday leau.

ProsClassic vintage charm, bright lights visible from a distance, easy bulb changes

The best Christmas decorations to deck your halls

And should you want to go full Griswold on your holiday decorations, you can safely connect up to strands of these things. Yes, that would mean an expenditure of more than and would mean more than , feet of lights… but you could do it, is the point!

TheProteove Christmas Laser Light Projectormakes decorating your house for the holidays easier than ever. You simply plant the projector in the ground using its included stake or set it on a driveway or patio with a flat discshaped base, also included and aim the thing at your house. Plug it in, and then fire it up; thats all there is to it.

ProsBattery power lasts many days, controlled by remote, tiny but bright bulbs, great price

Read on in the slides below to learn why theKooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lightsare our top pick and why you might also love theGood Tidings Light Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Lights, theProteove Christmas Laser Light Projector, theORA LED Solar Powered String Lights, and theBrizled LED Mini String Christmas Lights.

Why youll love them Once you have theORA LED Solar Powered String Lightsset up where you want them, they are hands off until its time to take the lights down again at the end of the holiday season.

The best Christmas lights you can buy to light up your tree and house

Currently, the Brizled LED Mini String Christmas Lights have a .star average rating on Amazon. One owner loves how physically they look just like oldschool s/s incandescent Christmas bulbs, while another says he regret[s] not buying a second set.

Buy the Good Tidings Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Light Set on Amazon for .

The best tree standKrinner Tree Genie Christmas Tree Stand

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The best thing about the Brizled LED Mini String Christmas Lights isnt their longevity, though, its their looks. These bulbs approximate the same look as those beloved incandescent mini bulbs youll remember from holiday seasons past, yet they use about less power than traditional lights and never get hot enough to pose a risk of injury or fire.

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Why youll love them The large, softly glowing ful bulbs of theGood Tidings Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Lightslook just like something out of A Christmas Story.

The KooPower lights are powered by three AA batteries, and when only lit for a few hours each night, these three batteries will keep the lights aglow for days. With good quality batteries, the lights will shine for hours before needing a change, so even if you left the lights on for four hours every night, thats more than two weeks per set, or likely only one battery change per holiday season. And whats more, you could set these lights up miles from the nearest power outlet if you really wanted to.

The lights have a sensor that automatically turns them on once the ambient light is low enough and that will switch them back off once the sun is again filling the sky. Though to be honest, they will probably have dimmed or switched off entirely before that happens, as they have an approximate eight hour run time per charge. Dont worry, though, thats plenty long enough. Even with a dead of winter PM sunset, the lights will still be aglow well after midnight.

Buy the KooPower Waterproof Battery Fairy Lights with Remote and Timer on Amazon for . originally .

Consfoot strand too short for some applications

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The Good Tidings Ceramic MultiColored Holiday Lights are UL listed for indoor and outdoor use and they connect to any standard socket or extension cord. If the soft frosted bulb look isnt to your liking, they also come in a transparent variation. But listen, these are the ones you want, OK?

The strand measures feet long, a great length for an indoor tree though a bit short for use outdoors unless youre willing to buy a few strands of the lights. They will last for years, though, albeit with an occasional bulb swap needed. Doing so is easy, though. Its just like changing a standard light bulb.

You want other peoples opinions? Well, this projector has a glowing fivestar average rating on Amazon. An owner named Phillip calls the system probably the easiest and stest solution for holiday decoration, while another customer claimed that every neighbor wants one for their house.

The best tree skirtWondershop Velvet Tree Skirt

Sure, those old strands of tiny incandescent bulbs you have tangled up in boxes on the garage shelves are probably fine … but these lights are definitely better. Upgrade your Christmas light game this season with these shining examples of great holiday lights.

As these LEDs are rated to last for , hours, you probably wont have to replace the strand. Ever. Even if you leave your lights illuminated for a month straight every year, you can still expect about years out of them.

Im a man who likes his holiday decorations. I spend hours and hours every November climbing up and down ladders and scrambling around on the roof stringing up dozens of feet of Christmas lights on every peak and roofline of the house. Then I spend about minutes taking them all down again in January, thanks to a secret holiday light hanging technique I came up with a few years back. But that, friends, is a secret. Kind of. Ill probably explain it if you ask. Cough coughuse file clamps on the shinglescough!

Included with a couple of classic plugin options, this guide features Christmas lights that get their power from batteries and that get power from the sun. We have lights controlled via a handheld remote and those that are beamed out of a projector. Like it or not, the holiday season comes with its ir share of stress, so lets not make hanging the holiday lights one more source of it.

TheBrizled LED Mini String Christmas Lightscost about bucks, which isnt cheap in the holiday light arena. But with just one strand of these bright, ful LED lights, you should be able to decorate even an eight or ninefoot tree.I traditionally use four foot strands on our trees, which are usually about . feet tall, so Im something of the leading expert in the entire world on this, FYI.

AConsumer Expertreview noted that the Proteove Christmas Laser Light Projector allows for easy programming for two, four, six, or eighthour durations.

Why youll love them One foot strand ofBrizled LED Mini String Christmas Lightsfeatures LEDs and should provide enough ful bulbs to decorate an entire tree.

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ProsWarm and bright light quality, durable lights last for years, spare bulbs and fuse included

ProsNo outlet or batteries needed, sensor turns lights on or off, bulbs rated at , hour life

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christmas lightsChristmas Lights Ottawa

Call for a Free Estimate r get anOnline Request

We know Christmas Lights. We use Commercial Grade C LEDs, and minis. Let us do it for you!

We supply commercial quality decorations that will last many years.

Many clients start a basic lighting installation and then add to it each year while others like to get the whole place done up to the nines right from the start.

Let Green Unlimited professionally design, supply, install, take down, maintain store all your holiday decorations.

Its easy. Drop us a line at or just call our office at . One of our Decorating and Lighting Design Sales Consultants will be happy to discuss how we can help and give you a better idea of the possibilities available to you.It starts with a call, then a design appointment. Well work within your budget to get you the best value and make the biggest impact. Decor packages start at

Reinstallations generally take place during October or early November but may not be powered up until after Halloween , we return to plug them in at your discretion. We install right up until a few days before Christmas!

Thats easy. The short answer is We are Decoration Specialists, not just light hangers and we use Commercial Quality lights that will last. We WONT use the lower quality big box products that often prove unreliable.

Most projects can be installed quite quickly but it all depends on the time of the year.

Our Greenery simply cant be matched. Our garlands are large and plump. Our wreaths are large and spectacular and all of our bows are custom and handmade with love at our shop.

Well schedule a date and then well install everything weather permitting.

Garlands Swags around Doors and/or Railings

Fully Insured WSIB Certified Aerial Platform Certified Ladder Working at Heights Trained Certified

For a basic design Minutes we do not charge to measure up and quote. When we need to measure trees, house features and roof lines, create a plan and calculate exactly what is needed to make your Holiday decorations complete and create a design sketch we charge per hour. We will gladly deduct the fee from any decorations we install for you over .We focus on the Greater Ottawa Area. This includes outer areas such as Manotick, Greely, Cumberland Estates. Depending on the and scope of the job we will always try to accommodate you.Not for our exterior installations. Our professional installation crew has a welldocumented design to follow and they will treat your property as if it were their own and ensure an efficient and orderly professional installation. When your mily gets home, you can take all the credit!Green Unlimited Professional Christmas Decorators provide services to Municipalities, Commercial Office and Industrial Buildings as well as to Restaurants and Bars, Small Businesses and Residential homes.This is the most common question these days. With LED lights, it will certainly take r less electricity, however the lights are more costly than incandescent bulbs.

We know lights from those box stores never seem to last more than a year or two.

Many clients enjoy a big beautiful for the holiday season. They either add to a previous years design or jump right in and get the full house done up right from the start.

Since all homes are different and so are personal s and tastes, we offer a number of decorating options that can work for you.

Our staff are professional and uniformed. We carry million in liability insurance, WSIB, and our installers carry Ladder and Working at Heights certification.

Another consideration is the of lights required to adequately light up a large tree. A ft. tree can take as many as lights depending on your taste. A ft. Spruce tree can easily run between to be professionally light.Unfortunately UV light exposure can degrade wire over time and ruin the lights. Most lights are rated to have only days of UV exposure per year in order to last many years. The UV intensity is also higher in the summer than winter. Another big problem for lights is that squirrels tend to chew through wire. They are mainly hibernating in the winter and very active spring through ll. Chewed lights are expensive to repair so its always best to take them down rather than risk having them destroyed.The advantage of hiring Green Unlimited Christmas decorators is we inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights, they are often molded, which means they do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We cannot warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.Were as versatile as you are. The great thing about working with us is that you own the lights. We catalog your inventory and store it separately with your name on it. So whether you decide to change colour one year, light up something a little different or just take a year off, well be there to help.Green Unlimited Professional Christmas Decorators

We do all the work and we include our Hassle Free Christmas Guarantee

Let our technicians bring joy and elegance to your home or business this holiday season!

We know youre busy. Let us do it for you! We design, supply, install, take down, maintain store your LED Lighting, plump garlands and large wreaths. Our longerlasting, brighter commercial quality LED Bulbs save up to electricity and last much longer than traditional retail bigbox lights. Our LED bulbs are available in a vast array of colours including the very popular traditional warm white.

Well fix anything that has burnt out or become detached so you dont have to worry.

Here are some of the main reasons to have us look after your lights this year.

We will work within your budget. As a rule of thumb a new installation start at . Everything is custom designed and fit for your property.

An excellent Christmas gift or surprise for a loved one.

We supply commercial grade custom cut LEDs, plump Garlands and large full Wreaths. We install them with trained and certified technicians, take them down after the holidays and store then for you until next year.

We take down the decorations during January and we even store them for you, which is included in our price.

We start putting them up after Halloween and go right through to Mid December.

Roof Soffit lighting, Door Garland and a Custom Wreath are option that can enhance your design.

We include everything in our price Installation, Maintenance, Takedown and Free Storage.

Attach up to pictures of any specific areas you are interested in decorating

We are Professional Christmas Decorators Installers in the Greater Ottawa Area. We have been serving Ottawa since .

Green Unlimited carries ,, in Liability Insurance, Full WSIB Coverage, and all our installers have Fall Arrest Certification! We have over years experience and are specialists in the design and installation of Landscape Lighting and Festive and Special Event Decorating like weddings, backyard events and other parties. We have a Genie TZ boom lift that allows us to reach ft. tall trees and houses.

We will replace or tighten unlit bulbs, groom and primp as required to keep things looking great.

Everything is custom fit to your house and included in our pricing all extension cords, hooks, hangers and timers you dont have to worry about anything!

We ONLY use Commercial quality LED lights that are proven to be Brighter, more vibrant, better colour and much longer lasting than your typical retail variety. This saves you money by not having to constantly replace entire light strings, and youll save money in electricity with LEDs up to from traditional light bulbs!

Unlike many out there, we do not use Big Box Store retail quality lights and decorations you could do that yourself! We carry a wide array of LED lights in practically ANY colour including the most popular Warm incandescent white. All of our products are custom cut and and tailored to fit your property features and to minimize any visual clutter and distractions.

Are not your run of the mill light hangers. We provide full professional Christmas Decor designs and plans for your home or business.

We will work within your budget. As a rule of thumb a new installation start at . Everything is custom designed and fit for your property. Since all homes are different and so are personal s and tastes, we offer a number of decorating options that can work for you. Roof Soffit lighting, Door Garland and a Custom Wreath are option that can enhance your design.

We know climbing ladders to get those lights up perfectly is nerve racking.

Once you book with your design consultant they should be able to give you a date normally its within week or even sooner.

We work with you to design the perfect lighting for your home and landscape.

Your decorative s are guaranteed till Christmas. We will visit your property biweekly up until Christmas Eve to ensure the decorations are working and looking their best.

Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Pleas read this Click

Yes, I would like a Professional Christmas Decoration Consultation Estimate. Please have a Decoration Consultant call to provide me with free professional customized advice to create a Festive Display and discuss my options. Our Decor Lighting options start at and up.

We use only commercial quality LED lights and greenery that you cant buy in stores. Everything is better quality, brighter, bigger, fuller, lusher and lasts significantly longer than your typical retail, throwaway variety, ensuring years and years of use!

Our basic lighting packages can start as low as for the design and professional installation of the decorations.

The top of the line designs always include a tie in to the landscape with lights in the shrubs and the trees. This will turn some heads when the lights come on.

We have been in business since , and are the largest Independent Lawn care operator in Ottawa.

The quicker you make a decision, the quicker we can be there. Christmas always comes ster than you think!christmas lightsChristmas Lights Ottawa

Christmchristmas lightsas Christmas

Christmchristmas lightsas ChristmasWe hope you enjoy browsing around our shop. We pride ourselves in providing a quality service to our customers, if you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Christmas Tree Netting Machines, Christmas Tree Netting, Christmas Stands, Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Decorations

Christmas Christmas based in Great Yarmouth, supply quality Christmas Tree Netting, Christmas Tree Netting Machines, Civic Public Tree Stands, Decorations and Christmas Lighting to the trade public within industries markets including local authorities, local councils, schools, landscaping and many more.

Christmas Christmas supply quality Christmas to the trade and public within industries markets including local authorities, local councils, schools, landscaping and many more. Our product range includes quality Christmas Tree Netting, Christmas Tree Netting Machines, Civic Public Tree Stands, Decorations and Christmas Lighting …to name but a few. If you have a special request then pleaseContact Us.

Some of the best s of Christmas lights christmas lightsin the West

It may be hard to imagine that Christmas tree lights were a th century innovation. In , three years after Thomas Edison demonstrated his light bulb, Edward Hibberd Johnson, Edisons  business associate, decorated his Manhattan home with a Christmas evergreen strung with red, white and blue handwired bulbs.

Bonus experienceBuy the Platinum Access pass for to for valet parking and preferred entry to the exhibit, lounge and rides.

Bonus experiencesGlow,through Jan. , features thousands of lights throughout the Santa Fe Botanical Garden as well as a special laser light show. Theres entertainment every night, holiday music and kids activities.Kakawa Chocolate Housebrews historic and authentic elixirs, guided by traditions from BC to the mids. Get a hot cuppa there or take home a bag of the Aztec Warrior Elixir .

Best vantage pointThe mustsee attraction is Its a Small World, which is covered with thousands of lights. Inside, the international scenes feature characters dressed in their countrys customary holiday attire.

The event, a Santa Fe tradition since the s, attracts thousands of visitors to the historic, halfmilelong street lined with art galleries.

The spectacleMore is more at Disneyland, where every storefront, lamppost and rooftop is strung with festive decor lights, wreaths, garlands and sparkle.

The spectacleA chance, sort of, to drive on a racetrack, but visitors will want to circle the .mile of million LED lights at a crawl, the better to see animated and sparkling s.

Ready for a language lesson? Video shows you how to say Merry Christmas in many languages

Look for hippos, crocodiles and even peacocks to shine brightly in the darkness.

If there is anything that deserves to be called awesome, its spectacular s of holiday lights.

InfoFarolito Walk. Glow. admission, free for kids and younger.

In Disneyland, expect  parades, snowll around Sleeping Beautys Winter Castle and special holiday versions of the nightly fireworks.

What Christmas was like in downtown L.A. in

Todays hightech extravaganzas have become a compelling mix of American art form, holiday tradition and irresistible tourist attraction.

InfoThrough Jan. . S.W. Canyon Road,ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo. Adults ..; kids ages …

In Waipahu, about miles northeast of Honolulu International Airport, Keith Yoshida has for years coordinated a magical neighborhood , mostly powered by solar energy. More than a dozen houses on Anapau Place are illuminated with lights synchronized to holiday music. Two minute shows continue from to nightly.

New this year an interactive LED light show in the amphitheater.

InfoThrough Dec. .Austin Trail of Lights. general admission.

The spectacleMore than  million lights decorate the zoo grounds of the California Living Museum. Favorite scenes include the Winter Wonderland with real snow, an elephant herd, dinosaurs and even bighorn sheep in the California Wildlife section.

Best vantage pointYou dont want to miss the amphitheaters light show set to music, but selfies are a must at the Winter Wonderland.

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New this year a foot pirate ship and a tribute to the United States featuring the Statue of Liberty and man on the moon.

From weekend getaways to vacation deals, get all your needtoknow travel news from L.A. Times editors.

Best vantage pointThe experience gets psychedelic with HoloSpex glasses that transform the lights into sparkly, D shapes such as snowflakes and candy canes.

The spectacleA dozen neighborhoods host temporary and permanent lightart installations by artists. During the holidays, the festival organizes free nighttime lightart walking tours, Saturday museum tours, studio visits and artist talks. Several installations are in San Francisco International Airport.

InfoThrough Jan. .Illuminate SF Festival of Light

How three classic Christmas TV specials use a touch of sadness to stay timeless

In the Western U.S. there are plenty worth the drive or a weekend trip. Here are of the best sparkly, twinkly holiday light s sure to set your spirits ablaze.

Theres more elaborate Christmas trees, fresh snow, elf tuckins for hotel guests, horsedrawn carriage rides and three gingerbread villages made with pounds of confections.

InfoThrough Jan. . Las Vegas Blvd. N.,Glittering Lights

A of lighted jellyfish heralds the opening of the zoos new jellyfish exhibit and touch tank next year. Also included in the ticket price is the Candy Cane Express train ride and the foot merrygoround.

Best vantage pointThe  experience of walking among . million lights cant be captured in one look, but the bridge to Elephant Lands offers a nice view.

Best vantage pointTake it all in at the top of the Ferris wheel or carousel.

Best vantage pointThe tunnels of lights are designed to immerse visitors in the ultimate photoop.

Bonus experienceLook to the water and the streets for random sightings of Urban UFOs artistEric Stallers Lightmobile VW Beetleand his floating, lighted dome, Bubble Boat.

Bonus experienceSee the show from the openair Santa Tram, per person. Includes snacks, drinks, photos with Santa, games and expedited access.

InfoThrough Dec. closed Christmas. Alfred Harrell Highway,Holiday Lights at the California Living Museum. for adults, for youth ages and for kids ages .

Bonus experienceRide an oldshioned miniature steam train and carousel, gloriously lighted for the holidays; . to . And theres maplebacon cotton candy and a hot cocoa cart.

Bonus experienceAmong other holidaythemed packages, the ,Gingerbread Dreams Suite twonight package includes overnight accommodations, gingerbread cupcakes, a gingerbread cookie amenity at turndown, and a dining credit at the hotels restaurants.

Best vantage pointA slow, steady stroll is the best way to navigate the crowds, said Santa Fe travel expert Billie Frank, who suggested keeping your eyes peeled for spontaneous s of  festivity folks adorned with strands of lights, impromptu carolers or model train s.

InfoThrough Jan. . Mission Inn Ave.,Mission Inn Hotel Spa

InfoThrough Jan. .Disneyland Park. From for a oneday admission.

A view into the hotel courtyard during the Festival of Lights on the grounds of the Mission Inn Hotel Spa in Riverside. Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Best vantage pointThe citys lightart centerpiece is Leo Villareals The Bay Lights on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, which in December is best viewed when the sun sets about p.m.

Best vantage pointYou cant take in all . million lights at once, so walk the block to view at street level.

InfoThrough Jan. . York St.,Blossoms of Light for adults, for kids ages to .

As youd expect of Texas, superlatives define the Trail of Lights, which glows with million lights and s. Tradition and innovation blend at the Groovy Grove, where visitors interact with music and lights.

The spectacleBask in the glow of Christmas lights,luminariassmall bonfires androlitosvotives in small bagson the free Christmas Eve walk on Canyon Road.

The spectacleThe th annual ZooLights more like an immersive D light show than a typical holiday   recreates animals and habitats in vivid strands of lights.

Bonus experienceIf you time it right, you can catch a meal at one of the regions nole Basque restaurants, such as theNoriega Hotel, ;Wool Growers Restaurant, andBenjis French Basque Restaurant,

Bonus experienceAt California Adventure Park, Cars Land gets a holiday makeover and a foot Christmas tree. World of Color, the nighttime, lighted water show, is recast as Season of Light, a new holiday theme that includes music and Disney animation.

Bonus experienceTheTrail of Lightsat outlying Chatfield Farms puts a rural twist on holiday lights with a winding path through the barns, covered wagons and rustic landscape. W. Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton, Colo.

The spectacleHawaii may not have snow, but it has plenty of Christmas spirit with the Waikele Lights show.

The spectacleIn a class by itself, the free Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn has become a California experience. Seemingly every nook and cranny of the landmark inn is covered with lights and accented by glowing, glittering and gesturing elves, angels and carolers.

Now cities around the world drape billions of holiday lights on plazas, through shopping districts, zoos and botanical gardens in a glowing gesture of civic pride.

Bonus experienceThe neighborhood was featured in the season of ABCsThe Great Christmas Light Fight. Season continues on Mondays if you just cant get enough of overthetop residential light s.

The spectacleThough plants arent in bloom, the wintry garden comes alive with oodles of lights and holiday s. Snow, ice and more than million lights add wintry glitter to acres of intricate gardens and architecture in the heart of Denver.

Best vantage pointThe street is blocked off to vehicles, so ride share or take a cab and stroll or sit to watch the show.

The spectacleThe Texas capital celebrates years of lighting the centerpiece of its holiday light festival, the foot Zilker Tree, the nations largest manmade Christmas tree.

This year, California Adventure ParksFestival of Holidays features an international array of food, music and dance.

christmas lightsThe Curious Evolution of Holiday Lights

christmas lightsThe Curious Evolution of Holiday LightsDuring Grover Clevelands watch, the White House erected a Christmas tree decorated with gold angels, gold and silver sleds, lots of tinsel, and the first electric lights to be put on a Christmas tree in the White House, according toThe History of the Christmas Figural Bulb.

Before the advent of the modern incandescent light bulb, chemist Humphry Davy tinkered withhighvoltage arc lights. The devices allowed electricity to jump between two carbon rods, emitting a superbright point of light.

Oct. , Edison Gets the Bright Light Right

The Universe Is Basically a Hippies Pipe Dream

Inventors later filed patents forsmoke and heatdetecting ornamentsin .

The Universe Is Basically a Hippies Pipe Dream

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Behind the Scenes as NASA Tests the Most Powerful Rocket Ever

One of the most mous examples is Carson Williams home in Mason, Ohio. In , Williams used LightORama equipment and a TransSiberian Orchestra track to control , lights with different channels. A video posted to YouTube in below quickly became an internet sensation.

Companies Reinventing Our Energy Infrastructure

Spectacular Space Photo of the Christmas Tree Cluster

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Cotton fibers, which could stay lit for more than , hours, were found to be the best natural filament in . Edisons company continued to work on supporting technologies to make the device commonplace, including the parallel circuit, more durable glass bulbs, better dynamos, reliable voltage supplies, fuses, insulation, sockets and even light switches.

Legend has it that yearold Albert Sadacca saw a home burned to the ground because of Christmas tree candles, leading him to pursue safer lighting fixtures when he got older.

Magazines such as theNew York PostandScientific Americanbegan running advertisements for the rental of stringed Christmas lights in and , and department stores began using electrically lit trees as window s around . But at a cost of roughly , in todays currency, the predecorated trees were too expensive for most people to afford.

By the end of , Annas Hummel of Pennsylvania had filed a patent for an artificial Christmas tree. Later patents built on it and Johnsons rotating base, but were too expensive to be commercially viable for several decades.

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The design wasnt longlasting or safe, however, pushing inventors to create selfcontained incandescent lights.

Some of the first stringed lights sold to the public. Credit Oldchristmaslights.

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NOMA bought Otis designs but wasnt able to market the whimsical lights until after World War II, first seeing sales success in .

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Even then, it took decades to discover semiconductor alloys able to reproduce most of the s of light, including white light. LED holiday lights first appeared in the late s, and have been rising in popularity and dropping in price ever since.

Netflixs Altered Carbon Is OvertheTop in Every Way

Netflixs Altered Carbon Is OvertheTop in Every Way

An electric candle patent filed in . Credit United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Despite the repeated public lapses, Facebook does offer a irly robust set of tools to control who knows wtwitter/i/web/status/

Sadacca and his brothers developed strings of small, ed light bulbs in the s that were a hit among shoppers. The mily eventually founded the NOMA Electric Company in based on their success, and it held the title as the largest manucturer of Christmas lights for the next four decades.

Despite the repeated public lapses, Facebook does offer a irly robust set of tools to control who knows wtwitter/i/web/status/

Left One of Joseph Swans carbonrodbased incandescent electric bulbs. Right An incandescent bulb crafted by Thomas Alva Edison. Credit Courtesy Science Museum London Library Archives.

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Thomas Edison was working on his own version and eventually wooed Swan into his company, effectively gaining rights to Swans lightbulb patents. Edison knew the secret to success was abetter carbon filamenttungsten versions came years later, so his shop tested thousands of plant fibers looking for the best material.

Dr. Strangelove Is Basically a Documentary

Computercontrolled lighting took off in the s, including afully programmable lighting systempatented in . Newer inventions use software and wireless networks to create elaborate lighting s that change based on the music pumped through the system.

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In , the look of the holiday season changed forever.

One of the first patents to modulate light intensity by sound, called audio amplituderesponsive lighting , was filed in . It fluctuated light intensity based on the frequency of sounds piped into a microphone. And in , Harold J. Weber filed a patent for a flickering flame light. It used a semiconductor to control the frequency of an alternating current to switch between filaments.

The first incandescent lights came out ofSir Joseph Wilson Swans workshop as early as . Swan filed a patent for the design in , but the bulbs carbon filaments burned out quickly in the presence of oxygen.

From those first strings of bulbs to computercontrolled LED light s, we retrace the curious evolution of the holiday light bulb.

To ensure the safety of lights, NOMA developed and marketed tiny fuses in that could be easily replaced. The small, viallike devices are common to almost all decorative lights today.

I need not tell you that the scintillating evergreen was a pretty sight one can hardly imagine anything prettier, wrote a reporter for the DetroitPost and Tribune.

When electricity heated a strip of metal inside the bulb, it bent and broke the circuit. As it cooled, it bent backward to reconnect the circuit and create an intermittent blinking or winking effect, as some patents describe it. The same design is still used in modern redtipped blinker bulbs.

When electricity flows through some semiconductors, electrons in the material get excited and emit light at highly specific wavelengths. Henry Joseph discovered the trick in , but it wasnt until the late s that the semiconductor market matured and materials to make LEDs became more affordable.

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Standard incandescent bulbs, even blinking ones, were soon no longer exciting to the public. Inventors answered the call by modulating lights in other ways.

In , for example, Arthur and Gustavo Cardenas filed a patent for aringinglight ornamentbased on the same thermostat technology found in blinking bulbs. When the light blinked back on, an electromagnet rang a bell.

Instead of decorating a Christmas tree with candles, Edward H. Johnson, inventor and vice president of Thomas Edisons booming electric company, strung red, white and blue light bulbs on hisscrawny evergreen. The whole thing rotated six times per minute on an electric crank.

Video Carson Williams lighting that later made for an internet sensation. YouTube/houseofboyd

Edison Electric Company began selling small, pearshaped Christmas light bulbs for trees, as well as tree stands, by . The bulbs initially came only in clear but later in red, green and an assortment of other s.

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The American Eveready Company known today for its batteries sold the first prewired, socketready Christmas light set in , and saw further miniaturization of bulbs. Ralph E. Morris forewent plugs in and attached lights to electrified telephone wires to avoid using candles on his Christmas tree.

In , two years after the first reliable incandescent light bulb was born, Johnson lit up his New York City home off Fifth Avenue with a string of dainty glass eggs.

More than a century later, those bulbs have multiplied into hundreds of millions of tiny electric lights perhaps billions decorating American homes and roughly million live trees each year.

The bubbling light was created in by Carl Otis, and his later patents improved the design over the years. The lights worked by heating a vial of lowboiling liquid lightweight oil, in early versions with a hidden incandescent bulb. Modern lights use dichloromethane as the fluid, but the design remains essentially unchanged.

The publicity stunt is widely recognized as the birth of the electrically illuminated Christmas tree, despite Johnsons more than a decade earlier.

The s and advertising, however, pushed development of lowcost technologies to bring electric lights within reach of consumers.

The LED lights are clearly the future of holiday lighting, in part due to their robust design theyre completely encased in plastic but also because of their efficiency some s consuming about eight times less power than incandescent bulbs.

Inventors filed blinkingbulb patents in droves during the s, some more mechanically complex than others, but most relying on a thermostat.

Dec. , Let There Be Light Electric Light

A Christmas bubble light patent filed by Carl Otis in . Credit United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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christmas lightsGallery Hong Kong Christmas lights greener and more beautiful than ever

christmas lightsGallery Hong Kong Christmas lights greener and more beautiful than everWith ecofriendly being such a big buzzword this year, some of the citys festive decorators have caught on the trend by switching from incandescent light bulbs to LED lights, a more energyefficient alternative.

! static

If theres one thing Hong Kongers collectively look forward to, its the Christmas lights that illuminate the citys skyline every year. Here are some of the best and brightest

Hong Kong Christmas lights are one of the few things locals cant seem to get tired of. Year after year, milies and couples flock to both sides of the Victoria Habour to take in the kaleidoscopic Christmas lights that illuminate the citys skyline.

Former CNNGo staff writer Tifny Lam produced and scripted current afirs documentaries and was a reporter for a local English news before the brave, brave decision to write about things shes actually interested in.

Gallery Hong Kong Christmas lights, greener and more beautiful than ever

hotels you wont believe actually exist

Keong Saik Road The coolest new block in Singapore

Gallery Hong Kong Christmas lights, greener and more beautiful than ever

Watch CNNs video coverage of Hong Kong Christmas going greenhereand see our photos of the most gorgeous lights in town this year in our gallery above.

The place where all the worlds great rivers converge

Haw Par Villa Worlds most unexpected theme park

Christmas christmas lightsLights TV Movie

Howie But these are mily men, Martin, with Christmas coming up. Theyre hard workers pukka lads.

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Pauline Pukkaness notwithstanding? He actually said that?

Colin and Howie seem inseparable. Married to a pair of sisters, they work as drivers for the same company and live next door to each other. Life gets complicated after Howie wins a promotion and is confronted with a tough dilemma over staff cutbacks.Written byAnonymous

Until a tearjerker plot twist, Christmas Lights is refreshingly different British made for TV holiday themed movie than the usual U.S. TV re.First, it doesnt take place in either a deprived inner city what Brit shows I think usually refer to as estates or an exurbia of McMansions, but more of a workingclass innerring one characters wife specifically rejects living further out away from their friends in the close– I havent heard that argument since Lucy Ricardo and Molly Goldberg had to give in.Second, economic issues are central to the plot. While this isnt as grim as the Thatcherite horror stories in Billy Elliot or The Full Monty, the men are truck drivers cing a restructuring company though it is a bit of a stretch to believe that the BBCs dramatic utility infielder Robson Green is a working class stiff. Invariably in such U.S. TV movies, the characters are usually middle class and are employed in advertising or TV or publishing or other media relatives. There are also discussions of labor/management issues that havent been discussed on U.S. TV since The Honeymooners.Third, one wife isnt childless because shes an executive shrew, as is typically portrayed on U.S. TV.Fourth, the milies are linked by both friendship and marriage, as we usually only see on a few sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond. Most U.S. TV shows assume that real mily lives r away and the work place colleagues are the replacement mily.Fifth, the central holiday decoration competition seems pretty modest by U.S. standards even here in parts of Queens until the climax, though theres a joke about that comparison.Even as sentiment threatens to reign towards the end, there is still room for jaunty jocularity instead of more typical sodden saccharine U.S. approaches for just a sweet warmhearted conclusion.There is one jarring bit of British film stereotyping as the mily Margolis, Jewish purveyors of electronics, are shown as Hassids with long side locks and prayer strings. Theres always an annual story in the New York City press that the largest dealers of Christmas decorations are Jewish and just the name would suffice for this humor interest element.The version I viewed was minutes long with commercials on BBC America cable channel

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A recently widowed Welsh man struggles to build a rocket to launch his wifes ashes into space.

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Colin and Howie seem inseparable. Married to a pair of sisters, they work as drivers for the same company and live next door to each other. Life gets complicated after Howie wins a …See full summary

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Buchanan Well, pukkaness notwithstanding, Im afraid two of them have got to go.

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Separated from his wife, Howard volunteers as a standin Santa at the shopping malland ends up getting invited to represent England at an international Santa competition in Lithuania. He …See full summary

Colin and Howie are constantly feuding best friends who marry sisters Jackie and Pauling turning them into brothersinlaw. Can their relationships survive their feuding as it seems they will stop and nothing to outdo each other.

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outrageous Christmas light s acroschristmas lightss America thatll make your jaw drop

outrageous Christmas light s acroschristmas lightss America thatll make your jaw dropThe Waikele Christmas Lightsare a holiday tradition that you cant miss if youre in Waipahu, Hawaii.

Hersheyparkis fun all yearround since theres chocolate everywhere, but the park comes alive during the holiday season.

Gaylord Opryland Resort Convention Center/Facebook

outrageous Christmas light s across America thatll make your jaw drop

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The residents of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, start the holiday season early with fireworks on Thanksgiving Day.

The resort offers holiday season garden tours to see the propertys festive lights and decorations from the day after Thanksgiving through January , so theres plenty of time to get in the holiday spirit.

The free event offers plenty of sparkling lights, D s, live icesculpture carving, and more festive events throughout the holiday season.

You can take in beautiful twinkle lights on a boat ride along the San Antonio Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.

Every year,the Dana Point Harbor organizes a boat paradewhere local boaters decorate their vessels with twinkle lights and other holiday decorations for a celebratory trip around the harbor.

Branson, Missouri, takes celebrating the holidays seriously. The citys local theme park,Silver Dollar City, hosts a holiday celebration every year that includes million lights and , Christmas trees.

The Barnsley Resortin Adairsville, Georgia, has a beautiful garden that is worth a visit during any season, although it is a particularly special sight during the holiday season.

The theme park itself is covered in over four million lights during the holiday season. If you just cant bear the cold, you can also enjoy the festive from the comfort of your car atHershey Sweet Lights, the parks drivethru .

There are festive holiday s all over New York City, but theDkyer Heights Christmas Lightsin Brooklyn are the epitome of Christmas cheer.

Theres a neighborhood in Cathedral City, California that goes by the name of Candy Cane Lane during the holiday season.

Lights at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Winterfest, a local festival that includes millions of lights all over town, starts even earlier, on November , proving that its never too early to start celebrating the holidays.

For the past years, the Living Desert Zoo Gardens in Palm Desert, California, has transformed the zoo during the holiday season into a winter wonderland forWild Lights.

Keep reading for the most outrageous Christmas lights around the in the US.

The Living Desert Zoo Gardens in Palm Desert, California, has over a million twinkle lights.

Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania is covered in lights and decorations during the holiday season.

A portion of the street in the citys Hampden section is covered in lights, beginning right after Thanksgiving through rest of the holiday season.

The neighborhood goes by the name of Candy Cane lane during the holiday season, and it features everything from decorative snowmen and reindeer to cars covered in twinkle lights.

Whether youre on a decorated boat or viewing from land, the annual boat parade is a uniquely Californian way to celebrate the holidays.

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Over , lights and set pieces sit on the riverbank for holiday visitors to enjoy.

Taking a nod from the classic Christmas movie,the Miracle on th StreetChristmas light is the best way to celebrate the holiday season in Baltimore, Maryland.

Natchitoches, Louisiana, hosts a Christmas festival every year that includes live entertainment, an arts crafts show, fireworks over the Cane River Lake, and decorations galore.

From the beginning of December through the day after Christmas, locals decorate their homes with elaborate light s that people come from all over the area to see.

Locals decorate their homes with lights and synchronize them with Christmas music. Visitors can watch the festive light while listening to songs like Let it Go from Disneys Frozen and the Hawaiian classic, Mele Kalikimaka.

The park is decorated with over a million lights, as well as life animalshaped lanterns.

Christmas lights in Baltimore, Maryland.AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Gaylord Opryland Resort Convention Center, in Nashville, Tennessee, celebrates the holidays in classic country shion.

The Historic Clifton Millin Clifton, Ohio, is one of the largest operating waterpowered grist mills in the country.

McAdenville, North Carolina, located outside of Charlotte, is also known as Christmas Town, USA during the holiday season.

A section of the street is covered in lights from top to bottom. The lighting ceremony on November starts the season off, and includes a bounce house, inflale reindeer, and, of course, plenty of lights.

Most people decorate their homes with a few strands of twinkle lights for the holidays. But a select few takeChristmasdecorations to an entirely different level.

The Miracle on South th Street is a mous Philadelphia tradition.

The Miracle on South th Street is a mustsee holiday attraction in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Whether you stroll along the river or take a scenic boat ride, youll have a perfect view of the bald cypress trees decorated with , lights.

Every year, the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, goes all out for its annualZooLightsholiday celebration.

Theres no better place to see Christmas lights in Nashville, Tennessee, than theGaylord Opryland Resort. Every year, the resort presentsA Country Christmas, which includes three million lights, ice sculptures, and holidaythemed performances.

A car decked out in Christmas lights in Cathedral City, California.

South th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Beginning the day after Thanksgiving through January ,the San Antonio Riverwalkis lit up by Christmas lights.

Locals deck out their homes in lights and other decorations that transforms the neighborhood into a winter wonderland. You can check out the lights from the weekend after Thanksgiving through New Years Eve.

Fromfestive small townstotheme parkswith holiday light s, there is plenty of holiday spirit to go around. Plus, many light s and holidays festivals begin aroundThanksgiving, so youve got plenty of time to see these overthetop celebrations.

Located outside of Palm Springs, California, a neighborhood inCathedral Citygoes above and beyond when it comes to holiday decorations.

It also puts up a festive of twinkle lights every year to celebrate the holidays. The lights flow over the riverbanks around the mill creating a watell effect.

Wild Lights at the Living Desert Zoo Gardens.

The Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, has a mous tradition of elaborately decorated homes.

Viewing Christmas lights is one of the easiest and most fun ways to celebrate the holiday season.

From tree lightings to holidaythemed train rides, the entire city gets into the Christmas spirit.

The Miracle on South th Street Holiday Light Display/Facebook

California Christmas Lightschristmas lights

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Amazing Christmas with channels and lights! The show is so popular that it requires a crew of people to manage the trafficchristmas lights

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Amazing Christmas with channels and , lights! The show is so popular that it requires a crew of people to manage the traffic.

A Christmas scene made of multied lights synchronized with music that changes from slow to a high beat rhythm.

The Amazing Grace Christmas House was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Designed and programmed by Richard Holdman, the started in , but traffic became too much of an issue and its no longer running. Richard has gone on to create Holdman Lighting which installs animated lighting s around the world.Amazing Christmas with channels and lights! The show is so popular that it requires a crew of people to manage the trafficchristmas lights